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Company Profile

Wehoo, ltd, the anchor company of Zhi Hun International (Hong Kong) ltd, specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Headphones, Earphones, Bluetooth products, and Gaming accessories. Wehoo has become the defacto OEM/ODM choice of many of the top global brands, thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience in developing and manufacturing headphones and other electronic products. Weeho OEM/ODM products have received critical acclaim both domestically and internationally.

Wehoo, ltd is located in the beautiful town of Tangxia in Dongguan city, Guangzhou Province. This gives them a distinct geographical advantage in both acoustic research and electronics manufacturing.

WEHOOERS is always striving to be a company trusted and loved by global clients with innovative and top quality products. They aim to push the boundaries of innovation and quality. They have spared no expense in ensuring that clients receive the very best in service, quality control standards and production capabilities. Weeho have invested in top of the line manufacturing machineries and acoustic testing instruments by the venerable Sound CheckTM. Furthermore, extensive efforts were made in building a state of the art anechoic chamer. Wehoo is proud to say that they are internationally certified with ISO9001, CE, FCC, EPA, in addition to holding a number of patents related to headphones and other electronics.

Wehoo was founded in 2009, starting as an OEM for Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorolla , Cresyn and other industry giants. In 2012, Wehoo re-located and was rechristened Dongguan Wehoo industry Industrial Co., Ltd. Shortly after relocating Weho began focusing on the design and OEM/ODM of Feadphones, Earphone and Handheld Gaming Consoles for mostly western brands. Some of our current clients include but not limited to: Skullcandy, Harman group , Plugfones, Fsl , Sony, LG and more. We also work with industry giants like Foxconn , Goertek , foster-tech and  益卓? (joy tech?)

Wehoo strives to work hand in hand with clients, going the extra mile to ensure they are satisfied thanks to innovation in design, top quality workmanship and reasonable pricing. They aim to go above and beyond in exceeding client requirements. We look forward to doing business with you, regardless of wheter big or small, you will have at your disposal, all the amenities of a world class manufacturer.